Japan 2016: August 14

Photo by Maki

Taku reads to us. Photo by Maki

Photo by Maki

At the entrace to Higashi Zushi station on our way to the airport. Photo by Maki


Indiana Jones

Book/Mino no machi construction 

Higashi Zushi station


Japan 2016: August 13

Breakfast on the Kurihama-Kayama ferry.

Getting back in the car to drive off the ferry.

Melon and young tangerine shaved ice.

Ropeway to Nokogiriyama.

In front of a 1300 year old buddha carving.

The “View of Hell”

Stairs in the Nihonji temple complex.


On the return ferry.

Sashimi platter spill. Glad we had finished the sashimi.

Ferry Kurihama > Kanaya

So Cafe: curry, coffee and shaved ice

Nokogiriyama (Saw Mountain) ropeway 

Nihonji, Daibutsu, views

Ferry back to Kurihama


Dinner at home: negimaki, sashimi, beer

Japan 2016: August 12

Making chocolate cake

Kakkoii sunglasses

Frosting and sprinkles

Kukuru restaurant (Okinawan food), Zushi

Breakfast, chocolate cake making

Zushi post office

Kamakura walk and shopping

森戸大明神 Moritodaimyojin, Hayama: return omamori from 3 years ago, purchase new one

Beach: swim, eat chocolate cake, almost get the car locked in for the night

くくる食堂 (Kukuru), Okinawan restaurant, Zushi

Japan 2016: August 10

Check out of Villa Sacra, hold bags

Yokohama: Museum of Art, meeting and tour with librarian Ms. Sae Yatsuyanagi (Dan), Internet cafe (Elaine)

Ramen lunch, Yokohama

Train to Shimokitazawa, coffee at __, LP shopping at Otonomad

Train to Kamakura, pick up bags, head to Zushi, meet Maki and Tsumugi

Soba dinner, return to Taku & Maki’s, stay up late for Taku’s arrival

Japan 2016: August 9


Get money (at 7-11), get coffee (at Maruyama)

Main drag walk & shop

Soba at Kosuzu (goma udon and hot duck broth soba)

Iced coffee float

Dinner: Blue Room for pizza and craft beer

Bonbori (paper lantern) festival with koto player at Hachimangu Shrine after dark

Japan 2016: August 8

Upholstery on Sakaiminato to Yonago train

Manhole cover, Okayama

Pork katsu demi glace, Okayama

Freak, Okayama

Local Kamakura Moon and Hayama Beer

Fukumakan check out, drive to Sakaiminato

8:08 Sakaiminato local > Yonago, 9:22 Yonago ltd. express > Okayama

Lunch at 味司 野村 (demiglace katsu), Okayama

13:32 Okayama Shinkansen > Shinagawa, 17:33, then Yokosuka line to Kamakura

Check in to Villa Sacra

Kamakura walk and dinner at Mother’s