Japan 2016: August 6

Roadside shrine, Mihonoseki

Binoculars, Gohonmatsu Park

Heading downhill, Gohonmatsu Park

Mihonoseki Lighthouse

Mihonoseki harbor from our balcony at Fukumakan

Breakfast at クリフネ Kurifune (toast set, excellent coffee)

Hike through Gohonmatsu Park to top of hill and down again

Butsu koku ji (temple)

Walk the old street

Shiso juice with old ladies at Hairaiya

Soy sauce ice cream (shoyu and Moromi flavors)

Walk to lighthouse, lunch in cafe with a view

Iced coffee and postcards writing in クリフネ

Walk in town, up to Buddhist temple

Dinner at Fukumakan

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