Japan 2013: Mon August 5

Ferry to Megijima
Bus to caves
Caves: kitschy “ogres;” Snail Trail animations; Oninoko tile project–nice and cool inside
Short hike to observation platform, great views over the Inland Sea.
Bus back to town
Equipiose mirrored storehouse; Leandro Erlich’s “The presence of absence”
Lunch at IARA: seafood (pasta for me, paella for Elaine)
MECON in school building
Return ferry to Takamatsu
Ferry to Shodoshima Tonosho
Ferry to Teshima Karasho
Walk to Teshima Art museum, but didn’t go in
Janet Cardiff, Storm House
Shima Kitchen: Taste the Buddhism (sandalwood ice cream in lotus flower shape), coffee, nice terrace
Pippilotti Rist
Bus to port
No one wins multibasket; Fukushima quick architecture exhibit, walk to Boltanski Archives du Cœur (closed)
Return ferry to Tonosho and Takamatsu
Izakaya (“Okagesamade”?)–great tamago agedashi, shishamo, age dori, tsukemono

Pictures: descent from Megijima observation deck; MECON courtyard overhang; Taste the Buddhism; Fukushima quick architecture demonstration





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