Japan 2013: Fri August 9

Quick (really small) breakfast at home
Streetcar to Hiroshima station
Breakfast supplement pickup in grocery store
Train to Miyajimaguchi
Ferry to Miyajima
Itsukushima shrine (torii at high tide)
Daisho-in temple
Excellent lunch at wa-cafe hayasHiya (sesame tofu, oyster rice balls, cold soba with vegetables, milk gelato with orange jelly)
Torii at low tide
Treasure house
Covered shopping arcade
Oysters & beer
Traditional craft shop
Ferry & train back to Hiroshima, streetcar back to the neighborhood
Dumpling shop
Enormous supermarket

Pictures, all Miyajima: Indian lilac bonsai; Elaine and her Daihatsu truck; Nice car; Torii at low tide





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