Japan 2013: Fri August 16

Check out of hotel
Breakfast (including muscat yogurt from Hokkaido)
Train to Higashi Zushi
Grocery store
Japanese lunch at Taku & Maki’s
Bye for now to Taku & Maki & Tsumugi!
Train to Tokyo Eki
Walk to & check in Hotel Kazusaya
Metro and Keio line to Shimo-kitazawa
Record shopping at Otonomad
Dinner at Rainbow Kitchen
Keio line to Shibuya
Walkabout in Shibuya
Metro to Mitsukoshimae, return to hotel

Pictures: Watermelons, Higashi Zushi grocery store; Japanese lunch made by T&M (pork rolls; miso soup; rice with yukari; oshitashi; Kamakura pickles); Otonomad




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