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日本 8.11.13 イレーン

Sunday was a travel day. We had breakfast at home at Tanaka-san’s place, then went to Hiroshima station to catch the early train to Okayama. We wanted to have time to stop there for the famous Okayama もも (peaches) for our friends. It was a good thing we had reserved seats for the two trips – Okayama-Osaka and then Osaka-Odawara because there were no seats remaining… Oban holiday week!

We found our peaches in the basement of the train terminal in Okayama and caught the train to Osaka. Our layover in Osaka station was purposefully long. I have been waiting for 4 years to have 下記のはずし (kaki no ha sushi is a special treatment where the sushi is put into a persimmon leaf which lends a sensational taste to the rice.. and usually the raw fish is saba – mackerel – which is my favorite!)

After 4 changes of trains – all on time and totally smooth) we arrived in Yokosuka. It turns out that there is a big US Naval base in Yokosuka which is a harbour town just east of where our friends live. Our hotel here is boring compared to the nice neighborhood apartments we have been staying in but it has a fridge and coin laundry and is totally passable… just 6 minutes walk from the train.

We got checked in and freshened up and headed for Zushi to meet up with Taku and Maki. It has been four years since we saw them last and their little boy – 紬木さん – was born 10 months ago so we were very excited. We met them at the station and walked to a fantastic izakaya just down the street called Enishi. We spent hours laughing and drinking and catching up. Good times. It is great to be with them for the week! (( GREAT food too if you ever find your self in Zushi ))

Photos: all together again!, fresh water shrimp at Enishi, kaki no ha zushi, Okayama peaches






Damon Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium

On Sunday, August 12th, we (13 of us this year) will participate in the 4th annual Damon Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium. This is an innovative event that supports a great cause. All money raised – 100% of all donations – will go to cutting-edge cancer research for all types of cancer. This research is carried out by brilliant young scientists selected and funded by the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. Last year, we raised nearly $1,800 and ranked 32nd out of 608 teams. This year, we’re 86th out of 557 teams and we’re trying to inch up in the standings!

Please sponsor us and make a donation (of any size!) to the Foundation. Each of us on the team has a quota we must meet. To help my teammates, please visit our team page, and pick the one who seems to need the most help and make your donation through them.

Thank you for your support. Anyone and everyone can be touched by this disease. But, we can fight back and your support will really make a difference.


If you’d like to contribute offline, drop me a line and I’ll send you the contribution form.


Germany/Luxembourg: Sat 7

Wake up 3:30 am, walk to Dresden Banhof Neustadt
S-bahn to Flughafen Dresden
flight to Munich
Bio-snack in Munich terminal (pretzel with cream cheese)
Flight to Lux
Luxembourg City tour
American cemetery
Paul & Laurent’s
Prep for dinner
Dinner party: 10
Bed at 2:30 am


Southern California trip

Went on trip with McNerneys.

Google map — all the green pushpins you see were places we (or some of us) went. Other possibilities are also marked and were the results of my research.


The Daily: Flew in Christmas day and our flight out of Ontario, CA was at 1:00 am on Saturday Jan. 3; we arrived at home around noon Eastern time that day. We were based just outside of Anaheim, if that means anything to you.

  • Fri, Dec. 26
    • San Juan Capistrano: the Mission, the Basilica, taco/churro snack; drive up the PCH along the coast; walk on the beach at Crystal Cove State Park and dinner at the Crab Cooker in Newport Beach.
  • Sat, Dec. 27
    • Getty Center (amazing); Our Lady of Angels Cathedral; In-n-Out; Lula Washington Dance concert.
  • Sun, Dec. 28
    • sleep in & chill at hotel; Crystal Cathedral; lunch at Thai Nakorn in Buena park (amazing); volunteer float decorating from 4-10 pm in Pasadena near the Rose Bowl (worked on the NAAM/Sesame Street float)
  • Mon, Dec. 29
    • Long Beach: decided not to do the Queen Mary and Russian submarine (too expensive); Long Beach Marina; Long Beach Aquarium; dinner at Enrique’s mexican restaurant (amazing)
  • Tues, Dec. 30
    • Bandfest (marching band show) at Pasadena City College footbal field, 10-4; Gamble House (walked around it, it wasn’t open for tours); viewing floats-in-progress; In-n-Out; visit to Rancho Palos Verdes; Wayfarers Chapel (Lloyd Wright);
  • Wed, Dec. 31
    • Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. I forgot how much I loved the Dole Whip. Four of us were in the trains on Space Mountain at the stroke of the new year.
  • Thurs, Jan. 1
    • Rose Parade (our raison d’etre; we left the hotel at 4:45 am); returning to relax at the hotel mid-afternoon; dinner at Mas’ Chinese-Islamic restaurant (excellent)
  • Fri, Jan. 2
    • missed flight; early dinner at Gabbi’s mexican kitchen (amazing) in Orange; jazz club in Clermont

link: pictures on flickr

Missed out on: two Mexican restaurants highly recommended by friends; Getty Villa; Nixon Birthplace & Library (I actually had a couple slots when I could go up there, but they were always closed!); hiking; Gamble House tour; the Huntington; the Norton-Simon; LACMA; MOCA; Griffith Park observatory; Santa Monica farmers’ market. But we had to miss something!

Thanks so much to Linda & Tim for bringing us all out there. It was a real treat.

Visualguide to recent goodtimes

D-n-E XC Ski, Lapland Lake with Nolan & Theresa
20080301 DSC02542

E XC Ski
20080301 DSC02539

Washington Monument
20080216 DSC02517

Artisanal Roquefort from France
20080103 07
Totoro tower!
Totoro tower!
Chibi greets Buru-buru, our new Totoro
20080101 89

Elaine sauces the homemade gnocchi. Also roasted carrots & filet. New Year’s Eve dinner w Ryan & Amy. 20071231 377

Elaine made these great little vases for our New Year’s Eve dinner.
20071231 366

El Camino!! on the hardscrabble streets of Philadelphia
el camino!!

Elaine the Kool Kustomer, 12-31-07, Philadelphia
Kool Kustomer