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Capitalization, hierarchy and style

Was taking a look at some of the NY Times slideshows of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to New York today. One of the things that struck me stylistically while doing so (in addition to the red shoes he wore with the white double-breasted overcoat during his visit to Ground Zero) was the following sentence:

  • “The pope and Cardinal Edward M. Egan, the archbishop of New York, walked on the ramp.”

A caption on this photo, the capitalization decision struck me as hierarchically backwards: it seems funny that while “pope” was not capped, “Cardinal” was. To me, one would logically capitalize Pope, the head of the Church, if one has decided to do so for those whom he appoints to office, the Cardinals. I would think that the NYT editorial style calls for such consistency. In any case, it sounds like a good excuse to have a fact-finding look in the Chicago Manual of Style.

? ? ? ? (English lesson?)

This is the English lesson Maki asked for. Class, pay attention!! Here’s the English excerpt from the original post on Taku & Maki’s blog. The (corrected version) immediately follows with changes in bold. Taku & Maki, where you don’t see changes you got it right!

# # #

Now, we are staying at whitehorse!! we want to see the northen light!! (We want to see the northern lights!!) we are enjoying at world of -20?. (we are enjoying the world of -20?.) Next stop is ALASKA??? ??????

# # #
Hello teachers!!(Kelti,Elaine,Dan)

How are you doing?

We finally have arrived at Yukon yesterday. (We finally arrived in the Yukon yesterday.)

We took a trip by way of California, Yosemite and so on. Anyway we went to shopping to buy some food yesterday. (Anyway we went shopping to buy some food yesterday.)

About 30 minutes walk from supermarket to our hostel. (It’s about a 30 minute walk from the supermarket to our hostel.)

But when we got buck to hostel our lettuce was frozen!! (But when we got back to the hostel our lettuce was frozen!!)

And my hair,too!! It’s unbelievable thing, isn’t it?! (It’s an unbelievable thing, isn’t it?!)

Elaine+Dan how did you write the japanese???? (we used the Hiragana keyboard on our Mac)

I was impressed about that!!! (I was impressed with that!!!)

You must become JAPANESE!!!

Becouse of you took too much soy souse, rice, nori, sashimi! (Because you took (Maki, do you mean “ate”?) too much soy sauce, rice, nori, and sashimi!)

That’s great things! (Those are great things! (Maybe- Maki do you mean great that we will become Japanese or great that we ate lots of soy sauce, nori, etc.?))

Ok,teachers.Now please corect our sentence+spelling. (Now please correct our sentences + spelling.)



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Very good work! We hope you’re having fun in the Yukon and Alaska- glad you’ve seen the northern lights. We enjoyed your pictures!