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New blog post on

The folks at NYARC (i.e. Lily Pregill) asked me for a blog post describing the auction catalog pilot project, coordinated by JSTOR with support from the Mellon Foundation, that we’ve worked on at The Metropolitan in collaboration with the Frick.  It’s been posted here: on the freshly released version of the NYARC web site.

Lily’s obviously done a lot of work putting together the NYARC site on its new Drupal platform and it looks great.  The JSTOR pilot, if it grows into a full-scale effort, has the potential to make a significant impact on art historical and provenance research.

The west is the best

Heading to San Jose, CA early tomorrow morning to attend the Innovative Users Group conference. We use the Innovative library system software at Watson Library, MPOW. This will be my third IUG, but this year I won’t have to sit through the conference with white knuckles like I did last year in Denver. I co-presented on the last day with my colleague Oleg and librarians from Boeing, which made for a tense ride through the first couple of days. In my experience the IUG has been tremendously useful and educational, and the program indicates this year won’t be any different.

Blackfooted penguins

After we land Monday I’m renting a car and heading down to Monterey since I have a half-day free before the conference begins. I plan on hitting the Aquarium – hopefully my co-attendees Lisa and Oleg will decide to accompany me down there.

t-minus 11 days

Let us begin the countdown to the thesis due date, May 1. Hard to believe it’s only 11 days – still got:

  • most of Chapter 2 to write (literature review)
  • about 1/2 of Chapter 4 (results/analysis) and
  • a small portion of Chapter 5 (conclusion).

My goal is that by next weekend I hope to be doing the final revisions and no longer writing.

Through my aggregator this evening came the table of contents for the latest issue of Winterthur Portfolio. What do you know, a book review for The color explosion: nineteenth-century American lithography is there on p. 89. You may or may not know that I also reviewed this title, for the Oct/Nov 2006 issue of ARLIS/NA Reviews. You have to be a subscriber to access the Winterthur version, but let me know if you’d like a copy- it’s really well-done.

Back, I pray triumphantly, on May 2.crow.jpg

On the road

MPOW is beginning to incorporate some Web 2.0 ideas into its activities, which frankly is really great. I think that the bottom line of our profession, even for those of us that aren’t “professionals,” is service. We can use, create, and customize these tools to improve the experience of our patrons, in: finding, accessing, and using material – even at a high scholarly level.

Part of the trick is knowing what’s out there; another knowing what your patrons need (even before they do); another is the courage to break out of “heritage” practices (thanks Ross); still another is having big-picture vision and creativity. I’m glad we’re on the road.