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Angus MacEachern in glass.

Ah, one of the main reasons I took a trip to PEI. This is a beautiful window in the rear left of St. Dunstan’s Basilica in downtown Charlottetown. I spent about an hour there on a Sunday morning taking pictures before the 10:30 am service began.

The entire window features 9 bishops of the diocese, 2 of whom are MacEacherns.

My flickr PEI set has other photos from the Basilica. They’ve got a boat-shaped ‘vehicle’ Angus used to help carry his stuff while visiting his parishoners, as well as another window dedicated to him and given by a Catherine McPhee.

Lunch at Bluefin, downtown Souris

After I left the Bishop MacEachern historic site I headed out to the eastern part of the island. I had read about this restaurant in downtown Souris called Bluefin and wanted to get there for lunch.

Back eastbound on Route 2, sun’s out, no one around. I pull into Souris about 30 minutes later, park and head into Bluefin. I am the only one in there…could be an indication of the season, or could be an indication of the quality.

I’ve come this far, so I open the menu. At the bottom it says, “we make our own coleslaw, french fries…” I can’t remember the rest, I was so glad. So I order the 1-piece fish (haddock) and chips.

Everything lived up to what I’d hoped. The breading was delicate and tasty, the fish cooked right. The cole slaw and fries tasted homemade. It came with green beans! I spent $12 Canadian including tip! Almost worth the trip to PEI itself.

After lunch I headed up to the northern coast and out to the PEI National Park, Greenwich branch, where a pair of ruffed grouse (my first) and I stared at each other for fifteen minutes.

Later on, Saturday evening’s meal would turn out to be the polar opposite. But more on that another time.

Route 2, east of Mt. Stewart, PEI

So I rolled out of bed on Saturday at 4:30 and was on the road from Saint John, NB by 5 am. It was nice driving through complete darkness into rising light with the French Radio Canada on for company (there’s a large Acadian population in NB, so reception was good).

The sun had come up by the time I hit the base of the Confederation Bridge about 3 hours later. The roads continued to be clear of any traffic so I pulled into Charlottetown about 9 am.

After breakfast and check-in at the Aloha Amigo Tourist Homes, I headed east on Route 2 for Mt. Stewart in an attempt to find the chapel dedicated to Bishop Angus Bernard MacEachern. (Brief back story here.) My uncles Jim and Paul had given me the tips I needed to find the site.

I was pleased to see the sign above indicating the site – actually in the village of St. Andrews – and surprised that it rates as a National Historic Site. I pulled in and looked around the site, including the chapel (unfortunately, locked, without any indication of open or service hours), the granite monument and its plaque, and the crypt.

For now, have a look at my flickr pages. I’ll elaborate more soon on Bishop MacEachern & our relations.

Canada by piggyback

Good last-minute news, I’ll be heading to St. John, New Brunswick with Elaine. She’s been approved for business travel (conference) so I’m piggybacking on the hotel and car arrangements.

While she works I’ll be exploring the area and hopefully spending one day on Prince Edward Island, where I have some ancestral links. My great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather uncle was Angus Bernard MacEachern (or McEachern, or McEachran, or MacEachran) – the first bishop of the island. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can find out.

If any of you have any other tips for the area, let me know. I can be persuaded to take the ferry over to Nova Scotia, too.