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日本 8.4.13 イレーン

On Sunday morning I finally felt normal and clear headed. The walk to the ferry terminal was oppressive… It was overcast but the heat and humidity had us soaked with sweat by the time we got in line for tickets. That was when the trouble started. We had not done enough research about island hopping by ferry on the weekend and the lines were crazy… AND we of course didn’t understand the ticket/reservation system. So, we mistakenly got tickets for the 9:15 slow ferry, ran back and got tickets for the 9:07 high speed… Which we then could not get on because it was overbooked. Many concerned Japanese attendants worried about the stupid Americans, lots of sweat and an hour delay and we finally got on the 10:40am high speed to Naoshima. All was not lost. Buses around Naoshima between the ports and art sites were really easy and efficient. Honmura was a really cute little port town and the Turrell at Minamidera was life altering. The lunch we had at Oomiyake (the owner spent time in Morocco so the curry had a spicy Moroccan twist) was とてもおいしいです!(look to Dan’s post for photos of my curry and his hamburger mustard rice)

The Chichu Museum was expensive but totally worth it and the entire day was sunny and beautiful. We gained our lost hour back from two very kind Japanese people who were leaving and gave us their un-used timed ticket at Chichu. We caught the last ferry back to Takamatsu at 19:25 but not before picking up some Naoshima dried fish and getting a beer and a bowl of udon.

On the way home we stopped at the supermarket near our apartment for supplies and decided to splurge on two peaches ¥530 (about $6.00). They are huge and they are the specialty of this region (and in season)… Literally like candy they were so sweet and juicy.

Photos: Lunch at Oomiyake, the welcome Setouchi band



Japan 2013: Sun August 4

Breakfast at home
Araki train
Ferry to Naoshima (after missing the first)
Naoshima Honmura:
Welcome by Journey of Entertainment: islands and music band
Lunch at Ōmiyake
Ando Museum
Minamidera (James Turrell/Tadao Ando)
Art house projects: Go’o shrine; Kadoya/Sea of Time; Gokaisho
Bus/shuttle to Chichu Art Museum (Turrell, Monet the highlights)
Shuttle to Benesse House Museum
Bus to Miyanoura port
Naoshima bath
Night ferry to Takamatsu
Taxi to supermarket

Photos: Araki train; at Minamidera; Naoshima bath; mustard hamburger rice lunch