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Japan 2016: July 30

Salt nigiri (sushi) with lime. Bento from Tokyo Station market.

Lunch at beer terrace, Osaka.

Gamba Osaka Supporters section.

Bento pickup in Tokyo Eki

Shinkansen to Shin Ōsaka 

Subway to Yodoyabashi

Beer terrace lunch

Museum of Oriental Ceramics

Check in to Airbnb

Train/bus to Municipal Suita football stadium for Gamba Ōsaka vs. Sanfrecce Hiroshima

Long walk to JR train, late dinner in Shin Ōsaka terminal

Japan 2016: July 29

Nipporin, the Yanaka Fabric Town mascot.

Maybe next year. Yanaka Fabric Town.

Yanaka Ginza from the famous staircase.

Working the ice shaver at Himitsudou.

Lanterns at Suga Shrine, Nishinippori.

Post office–ship box to Maki

Yanaka Fabric Town

Lunch at , 4-seat “dipping noodles” restaurant in a back alley

Yanaka Ginza walk

  • Mizudashi Iced Coffee at Renoir
  • Albatross bookstore
  • antique kimono store
  • bamboo store
  • seal store
  • Himitsudou shaved ice (melon)

Yanaka Cemetery

Yanaka Beer Hall for dinner (clams, smoked trio, spaghetti)

Walk home

Japan 2016: July 27-28

Cool towel in JR center

love us some Black Boss. Salt Lychee drink was less salty than I’d hoped, but good.

Pose: this train is serious.

Beer snacks suggestion in Tokyo Station market.

Compression socks

Long line at JR East service center for rail pass voucher trade. 

N’Ex to Tokyo Eki, pick up dinner, make a couple future Shinkansen reservations. 

Nippori, meet Shou at his Airbnb. Eat dinner, grocery store, shower, bed. 

Japan 2013: Sat August 17 (the last!)

Check out of Hotel Kazusaya
Breakfast outside Family Mart
Metro to Tokyo Eki
Furoshiki shopping (Elaine); lunch scoping (Dan)
Lunch box pickup
Narita Express tickets
12:03 to Narita, lunch on train. (I think the Americans sitting behind us were jealous of our lunch.)
3:10 pm flight to New York

Picture: Relaxationion (Yokosuka window ad)


Japan 2013: Fri August 16

Check out of hotel
Breakfast (including muscat yogurt from Hokkaido)
Train to Higashi Zushi
Grocery store
Japanese lunch at Taku & Maki’s
Bye for now to Taku & Maki & Tsumugi!
Train to Tokyo Eki
Walk to & check in Hotel Kazusaya
Metro and Keio line to Shimo-kitazawa
Record shopping at Otonomad
Dinner at Rainbow Kitchen
Keio line to Shibuya
Walkabout in Shibuya
Metro to Mitsukoshimae, return to hotel

Pictures: Watermelons, Higashi Zushi grocery store; Japanese lunch made by T&M (pork rolls; miso soup; rice with yukari; oshitashi; Kamakura pickles); Otonomad




Japan 2013: Thu August 15

Breakfast in room
Morning train to Tokyo Eki
Metro to Ueno
Ueno Park
Tokyo National Museum (Tokyo Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan)–main building
Metro to Okachimachi
Meet Taku & Maki & Tsumugi and go to sushi bar (Okachimachi North exit, cross street, go left, second alley on right–two places across from each other, same restaurant)
Cafe Renoir
Electronics store
Metro to Jinbocho
Records-ya/Fuji records
Train home to Higashi Zushi (Green car)
Dinner at Taku & Maki’s
Train back to Yokosuka/hotel

Pictures: Best sink on earth (soap & water at top, dryer at bottom, Tokyo National Museum); Deer and maple (from “Narrative Picture Scroll of the Priest-poet Saigyo, Vol. 2,” by Tawaraya Sotasu, 17th century); sushi bar; Records-ya/Fuji records





Japan 2013: Sat August 3

Breakfast pickup at Lawson
Shinjuku Eki
JR line to Shinagawa
Hikari Shinkansen to Okayama (but non-smoking sold out)
Panasonic Solar Arc?
Do the Shinkansen train workers bow to an empty car?

Okayama: matsuri
Demiglace pork katsu!!!
Onigiri shop

JR Marine liner to Takamatsu
Bengal island, just like JH
Boatbuilder from Vermont
Taxi to Kyoko’s apartment
Walk to port, fish restaurant closed for wedding
Takamatsu arcade, ceramics shop “Sara”
Dinner search: izakaya, incredible ししゃも!!!
Yogurt search