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Japan 2016: August 5

Adachi “dry landscape garden”

Adachi “pond garden”

Adachi “pine and sand garden”

Gift shop at the Abe Eshiro Papermaking Museum

Leaving the Abe Eshiro Papermaking Museum

Our yakitori future lies ahead, Matsue

Tomato-bacon-cheese skewer and fried tofu, Matsue

Yonago beach swim, depart Kaike Onsen

Adachi Museum of Art: gardens, art, lunch

Abe Eshiro Papermaking Museum, Yasugi

Yakitori dinner in Matsue

Two buses, Matsue to Mihonoseki

Check in to Fukumakan

Japan 2016: August 4

Top Gun Pachinko/Slot parlor!

Izumo Taisha torii

Rabbits in Izumo Taisha

Drive to Izumo Taisha 出雲大社

Bad cake/coffee place in Matsue
Soba lunch

Coffee float

Temple exploration

Drive back to Yonago

Sushi dinner at なる美寿司 (counter, drunk old lady)

Foot spa

Beach walk

Japan 2016: August 3

Hagi Matsuri mikoshi

Eating watermelon (suika, スイカ) after the local mikoshi parade.

She’s “only 55”

Sashimi donburi set in Masuda

Finger sacks at the pharmacy

Flaming abalone in butter, bought for us by a Yonago veterinarian at the sushi restaurant

Hagi Matsuri participation: get a headband, help push a mikoshi around the neighborhood, eat some watermelon

Drive along the coast from Hagi to Yonago

Excellent donburi lunch in Masuda at 田吾作

Check in to Rest House Kaike Onsen

Amazing sushi dinner at なる美寿司