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Seoul, Honolulu, New York: Thursday-Friday, July 3-4

Coffee at PJ Hotel, drop bags with desk
Rice balls from tiny shop (samgakji???)
Taxi to Grand Hyatt
Tea with Nadia
Taxi to Gyeongbokgung area
Lunch with Jema at Tosokchon 토속촌, famous samgyetang 삼계탕 (ginseng chicken soup)
Walk through Insadong area, many craft and antique stores
Fantastic ceramics/tea shop: 명금탕 — purchased two high-quality cups, a couple teas, a strainer and two fabric table placemat things. Extremely nice people once they figured out that we were serious.
Walk to hotel to pick up bags, board 4:53 airport express bus.
Arrival at Incheon 18:15
Seoul-Honolulu flight departed July 3 at 21:05, landing in Honolulu July 3 at 11:30 (9+ hours).
Honolulu-New York flight departed July 3 at 15:20, arrived New York July 4 at 6:40 (9+ hours).
Taxi home…what a great trip!

Busan, Seoul: Wednesday, July 2

KTX bullet train to Seoul, 11:00
Subway to Chungmuro, walk to PJ Hotel, check-in
Subway to Itaewon neighborhood
Affogato at Wonder Coffee
Leeum Samsung Museum of Art. An excellent museum–3 buildings in one, each designed by a different architect (Jean Nouvel, Mario Botta, and Rem Koolhaas). Museum 1 is for the traditional Korean collection; Museum 2 for modern/contemporary art (Korean and international sections); Museum 3 os for special exhibitions (closed for installation when we were there).
Meet Nadia (!!!) for dinner at traditional Jyeonju bibimbap restaurant (Gogong)–passable but not excellent
Drink at The Flair Bar, Myeong-dong. The best bar in Korea.
Torrenial downpour rainstorm
Walk back to hotel

Busan: Tuesday, July 1

Coffee at Adagio Coffee Roasters
Walk to and around Haeundae Beach, hike through park on point
Lunch at “Japanese” soba place (not good)
Asahi Extra Cold bar
Walk back to Jangsan neighborhood
BBQ dinner
Bibimbap pickup for tomorrow’s lunch

Busan: Monday, June 30

Shinsegae department store (largest in the world): dinner, ice cream
BIFF complex–Busan Cinema Center. Largest cantilevered roof in the world, decorated with thousands of LED lights.
Parker Quartet/DITTO concert
Subway to Haeundae beach
Beer and darts at Wolfhound Pub: Jeju Tangerine IPA, Lost Coast Indica IPA, Galmegi Blonde

Busan: Sunday, June 29

Subway to Nampo area, downtown Busan
Lunch at Farmer’s Original Handmade Burger
Walk around G… Market
Affogato and people-watching
Traditional-style shirt purchase for Elaine
Lotte department store: Aquatique fountain show, food court (shabu shabu dinner), groceries
Subway to Gwangan
Beer overlooking beach and … Bridge (lit with LEDs)

Ulleungdo (Cheonbu, Taeha, Jeodong): Friday, June 27

Bus to Cheonbu 천부
Ttagaebi Kalguksu 따개비갈국수 (noodle soup with shellfish) lunch, bus driver’s recommendation, in the kitchen with grandma (name of restaurant: Eunheo Sikdang 은헤식당). Best banchan of the entire trip.
Bus to Taeha 태하
Walk to seawall, monorail, hike to Hyangmok observatory 향목전망대 (viewpoint)
Bus to Jeodong
Crab dinner at fish market