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Syria: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 (New York-Istanbul-Damascus)

0:29 NYC time. Glad to be at the airport and on the way–news reports have been distracting, most folks that know us have had serious reservations about our trip.

A few friends & family have been very supportive and encouraging and trusting that we’ll make the right decisions when we get on the ground and see for ourselves what it’s like.

“For security reasons, there is no post box at JFK airport”–1:30 am NYC; 2:30 current location; 8:30 Istanbul

8:20 am NYC; 15:20 current/Istanbul. Landing in 10 minutes. some turbulence south of Grenland/Iceland. Otherwise smooth, we all feel a bit gross and swollen. Looking forward to a Turkish coffee in IST.


  • Blue Mosque
  • Aya Sofia/Sultanahmet Park
  • DHL saga–getting the package sent to Katie in Syria. Purchased Turkish visa for $20, left bags at counter in IST airport, taxi to DHL then to downtown IST. Return to airport for IST-Dam flight.

10:00 pm Damascus

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Blue Mosque, Istanbul