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Florida Bay map of our March 2007 boat trip. Those lines are hand-drawn by the way.

20070305 Florida-Bay

San Francisco

Olafur Eliasson (left, bridge installation) & Matthew Barney (bottom middle, climbing holds)

Powell-Hyde cable car

20080115 DSC02426

ketchup and the recent past

I’ve caught up a little on my flickr page, check out a few last pix from our March Florida trip I’ve finally posted. Photos from Cali to come, but I had a great time. My father-in-law will be jealous that Cringely was the keynote speaker.

Spent a tasty & fun weekend with the Ott family in Illadelphia. One benefit I’ve reaped from our visits, I’m finding, is that Amy saves me the work of posting about our weekend. Nice photos too — have a look at the official Weekend Debriefing. btw, it was a pileated woodpecker we were looking at in Fairmount park. I also hope I never make the salt lick caramel bars she had lying around- I’ll get sick from eating the entire batch in three and a half minutes.

Also showed them the RSS technology & how to use it. If you’re not hooked up on RSS yet, get yourself a reader or activate your live bookmarks and change your life & the way you use the internet. I swear it will be awwsum.

Other good news

  • Mom & Dad appear to be having a blast in Italia. Got one email from them, they were in Firenze & sounded excited. This is their first trip to Europe.
  • Congrats to Kerry & Mark who are engaged to be married. We (like I had anything to do with it) threw a surprise 30th bday party for her & she surprised us right back.
  • visiting Nancy in July. Looking forward to seeing Charlotte.
  • doing the annual planting in front of the home building this Saturday morning. explosive dehiscence!
  • It’s nice to be done w/ school.

10-minute Dolphins

The highlight of the sail from Middle Cape (Sable) to the Little Shark River (this was Everglades Nat’l Park waters) was 10 minutes of three dolphins running along with us at the nose of the boat.

Fun to watch them dive and breach, tumble over each other and turn to look up at us, not three feet away. Later that day while we were kayaking, we had more excitement as two others fishing at the mangrove shores joined us for a few strokes.

It was clear they all knew what they were doing and they knew we enjoyed it.

Florida, shove-off day

After stocking the pantry and spending Friday night on the boat at dock, we shoved off Saturday late morning. We went a few miles out into the ocean in moderately choppy seas – we were able to run the sailboat at about 7 mph – then turned back to go under the 65-foot bridge between Islamorada and Long Key. Once in Florida Bay we spun to the west around Fiesta Key and put down anchor for the night.

Oceanside south of Islamorada

Highlight: Brian reeled in a grouper with a dolphinfish lure. That night at anchor we filleted it — a first for both Brian and me — and grilled it up . I have to say that I thought it would be messier. The filleting, not the grilling.

Sani-Cart Wipes

Florida, day 1. On our way down to the boat on Islamorada (after having spent the night in South Miami, near the Dadeland mall) we decide to get a few groceries. Loretta & I are dropped off at Wild Oats, an organic supermarket type deal. Brian & Elaine go to run another couple errands.

We ended up not buying much since it was so expensive, but on the way in the Sani-Cart Wipe display caught my attention. Anyone seen this before? It was new — and newly ridiculous — to me.

I wear my antibacterial-lined rubber gloves (elbow-length, natch) to the store anyway.