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Damon Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium

On Sunday, August 12th, we (13 of us this year) will participate in the 4th annual Damon Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium. This is an innovative event that supports a great cause. All money raised – 100% of all donations – will go to cutting-edge cancer research for all types of cancer. This research is carried out by brilliant young scientists selected and funded by the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. Last year, we raised nearly $1,800 and ranked 32nd out of 608 teams. This year, we’re 86th out of 557 teams and we’re trying to inch up in the standings!

Please sponsor us and make a donation (of any size!) to the Foundation. Each of us on the team has a quota we must meet. To help my teammates, please visit our team page, and pick the one who seems to need the most help and make your donation through them.

Thank you for your support. Anyone and everyone can be touched by this disease. But, we can fight back and your support will really make a difference.


If you’d like to contribute offline, drop me a line and I’ll send you the contribution form.


CSA: the score

O man, I totally scored tonite at the CSA. I was volunteering one of my 2 shifts for the season & I had the late (6-8:30) closing along with 4 others. The leftovers at the end of the night were astounding — most we gave to the AIDS kitchen and the various AA/12-step groups using the church basement, but each of us made off with a bunch of extras.

I was granted a flower share, a beautiful bouquet of zinnias and black eyed susans, etc; half a fruit share (bag of white UFO peaches), neither of which we usually get. On the veggie side I got double shares of corn and onions and a few xtra geen peppers.

As Mama Celeste might say, “Abbondanza!”

First CSA pickup

I don’t want to be the Gavrilo Princip of the Jackson Heights vs. Germantown/Mt. Airy CSA showdown (see Type B&B), but I need to share our first CSA pickup of the season.

Clockwise from upper left: rhubarb, salad turnips, red radishes, arugula, and spinach. We’ve already used about half of what you see and have prepped most of the rest.

A nice surprise are the salad turnips. Delicious raw with just a bit of salt. Elaine & I already plowed through one and intend to finish the rest this weekend while camping. Abbondanza!


uploaded a few pics from Monterey Bay Aquarium on my flickr site, have a look.

This weekend we planted flowers in front of the building – 26 flats of impatiens, and we got a lot of help from our friendly neighbors. They look spare now but will fill in nicely and last until October.

Looking forward to our first CSA pickup this Thursday and a camping/Mountain Birdwatch survey trip this weekend. Ryan & Amy to join us, should be great. Keep your fingers crossed for our finding a Bicknell’s Thrush or two at the top of West Kill mountain on Sunday morning about 5 am.

Switching out the winter and summer clothing — we were able to purge quite a bit of stuff.

Bad news: Noodle Pho on 73rd street a few blocks south of us has a rusty cage door bolted over the entrance. Looks like this may be the end of the line for occasional $14 dinners for two. No warning at all. <sigh>

JH update

Thought I should pass along/amplify the story here in Jackson Heights that has caught the attention of city newspapers. The Western Jackson Heights Alliance, co-founded by my neighbor, Will Sweeney, has done an admirable job of gaining traction for the noise and traffic issue in this lovely neighborhood. This past Wednesday’s meeting did the job of starting a larger dialogue and bringing city officials to the table, though I did not stay for the duration.

The NY Daily News and NY Times picked up the story. The Times article leads with a photograph of the offending intersection, 73rd Street and 37th Ave. The Daily News article (cited in various places as appears today to have been scrubbed from the paper’s website.

I hope the momentum continues to build and that more than fleeting change results. I did see a police van at the intersection this afternoon, but by the time I had come back an hour later the 73/37 intersection was snarled as ever.


I’m happy to find out that Google Maps now has MTA train lines mapped, with line numbers/letters, for New York City – go easy on me if this has been around for ages. I should note that I prefer Hopstop for public transportation directions should I need them.

Have a look at this Google Maps example from my neighborhood. Thanks to Doug and Ross whose train line dining comments led to this discovery.

La, la la, la, la la la

Noodle Pho

Noodle Pho on 73rd street here in Jackson Heights. O yea, dinner for $8!

Looking forward to two long weekends in a row. This is when working for a large institution pays off.

If anyone’s sailed in the Florida Keys, travel tips would be appreciated. We’re planning on staying around the Upper to Middle Keys, not going as far as Key West. Snorkel sites, good eats, etc.

On the dock:

  • Theresa (sis in law) and Laura (T’s pal) visit
  • Thesis work. rough draft of Chap 1-3 (ca. 50 pages) due by Feb. 21.
  • Music on Sunday evening but I can’t remember what
  • flickr uploads if I can
  • Banjo:
    • re-working on G-major scale (I had the fingering wrong so had to work on my muscle forgetfulness)
    • She’ll be comin’ round the mountain in tablature
    • still working on This land is your land w/singing in the key of full-moon-wailing-stray
    • new 8-note forward roll
    • I have some wrist aches but not sure if it’s related