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Texas: Tues 10

Coffee & chat
Brunch/lunch: chicken spaghetti & salad
Drive to MFA Houston with a stop at Fiesta
MFAH Hirsch library tour with Jon Evans
James Turrell
Cai Quo-Chiang room
Asia society building
Amy’s ice cream
Cactus music
Luling city market for BBQ with __ & ___
Drive to Austin with gas station stop & Blue bell banana ice cream bar

Texas: Mon 9

Granola breakfast
Walk to Marriott, meet Erik for pickup by Logan/Jed/Pappy
Drive to Houston via 290
Lunch at Goode Company Seafood with Erik’s aunt ____ and cousins Katie and Becca(?): gumbo, boiled shrimp, ceviche, fried fish sampler, Bloody Mary
Menil collection, tour with Eric Wolf: library, art storage, exhibition design, conservation lab
Vinal Edge and Retrolution (?)
Dinner: Los Cucos with Erik’s aunt & uncle, aunts ___ & ___: tex mex stuff
Drive to aunt ___ & Ed’s for homemade pecan pie & whiskey

Texas: Sun 8

Breakfast/brunch: quiches, sausage, peach cobbler
Drive to Austin through Fredericksburg
Check in to airbnb apt.
Drop ladies at hotels for conference prep/rest
Waterloo records
Return car and $1 bus back downtown
Meet Todd and Elaine
La C_____ for dinner

Texas: Sat 7

Shooting range with Jeremy: pistols, rifles, paper targets, clay pigeons, explosives
Lunch at ranch
Bat cave
Lightning storm, armadillo
Dinner: BBQ goat, Jeremy’s brisket, sopapilla cheesecake
Spotlighting night drive


Texas: Fri Sept. 6

Morning flight to Austin
pick up SUV with A/C seats
Allen’s Boots
Heritage Boots
Drive to John & Debbie Geistweidt’s ranch, Doss TX
Gun class with Jeremy part 1
Enchilada supper
Ice cream cake