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best of 2007, part “where the buildings are old, and you might have lots of mimes”

2nd verse, same as the first. Stay tuned for the bad news.

burn pile 2

July (flickr photos)

  • 1st, with Mom & Dad. Red Sox game at Fenway Park (seats on top of the Green Monster), tapas dinner at Toro.
  • 6th. Camping at Promised Land State Park. A small bear ambles through our campsite while I sit practicing banjo.
  • 14th. Miniature book exhibition at The Grolier Club.
  • 20th. Lunch with Nancy at Bill Spoon BBQ, Charlotte, NC.
  • 22nd. Visit to the Carolina Raptor Center, outside Charlotte.
  • 28th. City Island trip with John & Jacqueline.
  • 31st. Dinner with Sherman, Everett & Daniel.

August (flickr photos)

  • 5th. Dinner at Sripraphai with Ross, Kiki, Vika & Jim.
  • 11th. Day in Prospect Park, housewarming party at Doug & Martha’s.
  • 18th. Rebuilding the greenhouse at Mrs. B’s.
  • 25th. Open Mic night at Wil & Jennie’s. My first public banjo performance.
  • 27th. Jim Hershman’s 1 year anniversary of weekly guitar jazz at Novo.


  • 2nd. Morning at Long Beach.
  • 5th. Dinner with Melissa at Tomoe, reconnecting.
  • 8th. Gallery exhibitions Jon Pylypchuk, Daniel Rozin, Richard Shore and Richard Tuttle.
  • 16th. John & Koven (with band) accompany dance at Dragon’s Egg performance.
  • 20th. House jam with Mike Rodriguez on guitar.
  • 22nd. King Lear with Ian McKellen at BAM. Two days later I sat next to him on the E train.
  • 27th-28th. Work on houses in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi with Brian & Loretta.
  • 29th. Kayaking on the bayou north of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana.
  • 30th. First visit to New Orleans.

October (flickr photos)

  • 7th. New laundry room open in our building.
  • 18th. Christopher Wheeldon’s dance company at City Center.
  • 19th-22nd. Closing Linda’s garden.
  • 28th. Red Sox win World Series.

November (flickr photos)

  • 2nd. Max Raabe mit Palast Orchest at Carnegie Hall.
  • 7th. Dinner with Barrett.
  • 14th. Lunch with Nolan and Betsy at the Metropolitan.
  • 24th. New Hampshire trip with Brian & Loretta, the day we were north of Keene.
  • 30th. Craigville Pizza with Elaine after visiting my dad in the hospital.

December (flickr photos)

  • 11th. ARLIS/NY holiday party at the Japan Society.
  • 17th. Watson Library holiday party.
  • 19th. Surfair Equities holiday party.
  • 22nd. Day in Boston:Institute of Contemporary Art, Barking Crab (lunch), Gardner Museum.
  • 23rd. Jim & Kathy, Kerry & Mark visit Lipcan HQ in Bourne for dinner.
  • 30th. Dinner at Marigold Kitchen, Philadelphia with Ryan & Amy.
  • 31st. Dutch Eating Place (Reading Terminal), New Year’s Eve home-cooked meal (Amy’s post).

Banjo man rides bamboo

Banjo man rides bamboo
Originally uploaded by mulaohu.

Drove Elaine to the airport a few of weeks ago then headed to Wil & Jennie’s in JC, NJ for some lumber hefting. Arrrrrggg!!

later Wil & I busted up the pallet with sledges & lit a fire in their backyard pit, then Jennie brought out some Vietnamese & we chowed down. It’s gonna be a nice place — thanks JP for the photo!

Yes ma’am

Just handed the thesis project in. Back to the living!

5 chapters – 73 cited sources – 108 pages – 20,123 words  – 133,146 characters

One hypothesis tentatively proved, one disproved.