Cape Cod

I’ve had a few requests recently from friends traveling to Cape Cod, so I thought I’d compile here.  The locations are in general order from the Lower to the Upper Cape. I will probably add more over time.

My Cape Cod Google map with many locations marked

  • A nice and scenic drive is Route 6A from Sandwich to its end in Orleans.  The most picturesque stretch is from West Barnstable through Dennis.
  • A good local food magazine is Edible Cape Cod.
  • Highland Light (aka Cape Cod light) is worth a visit.  The only lighthouse on Cape you can go up in.  I think admission is $4 and it’s very cool — it’s only a 110-watt halogen bulb!
  • I suggest Moby Dick’s and Mac’s in Wellfleet, on Route 6.  Moby Dick’s is great (clam chowder not outstanding, but everything else I’ve had is). Mac’s is relatively new (I haven’t been) and was not yet open for the season in May, but it’s a place very high on my list for trying.  I think they have an actual Japanese sushi chef.
  • If they like movies your friends should head to the Wellfleet Drive-In, also on Route 6.  It turns into a flea market in the morning but I’m not exactly sure of the schedule (but definitely on weekends).
  • Nauset Beach is great and there is a lighthouse.
  • Nantucket Wild Gourmet & Smokehouse — a little store run by a couple of guys on Rte 28.  Their smoked fish is incredible; we’ve tried a bunch but the bluefish was my favorite.
  • The coast of Chatham is nice to drive and there’s a good fish market on the water.
  • Try candlepin bowling — the original bowling!  There are lanes in Orleans (Orleans Bowling Center, Rte 6A) and Falmouth (Leary Family Amusements, Town Hall Square).  Leary doesn’t serve alcohol, I’m not sure about Orleans.
  • Hyannis: Tiki Port is my favorite Chinese/Polynesian restaurant on the planet but perhaps it’s due to familiarity more than the food. Still, the Szechwan Chicken Ding and Subgum Ham Fried Rice are out of this world.  Elaine I think has a slightly different opinion.  (The rice is no longer on the menu, you have to ask for it.)  On the main drag, Rte 132 across from the mall.
  • Osterville/Craigville Beach: Craigville Pizza & Mexican is one of the best pizzas on cape, and they have a whole wheat crust option that is very good.  Don’t know about the Mexican, sorry. Five Bays Bistro is a good place but more a fancier deal. Four Seas Ice Cream is famous and good, open seasonally.
  • Cotuit: The Regatta is a nice place to go if you’re looking for a more upscale experience (Route 28)
  • Barnstable Village: The Mattakeese Wharf is another nicer place to dine.  Elaine and I had our first date there. There’s a small, good fish market right next door.
  • Falmouth: candlepin bowling at Leary Family Amusements, Town Hall Square (see Orleans, above)
  • Woods Hole: Fishmonger’s Cafe for lunch.
  • West Falmouth: Chapaquoit Grill, also excellent pizza.  Route 28A through here is loaded with gorgeous and expensive properties. Especially beautiful in spring flower season and fall leaf season.
Sandwich (my hometown)
  • Dunbar Tea Room although they redesigned it to look like an old folks’ home, kind of sterile.  It’s lost some atmosphere but the tea and food are still good.
  • Joe’s Lobster Mart down by the Canal.
  • I should mention the Hoxie House, located downtown and the oldest house on the Cape (1637).  They recently re-shingled some of the exterior so it’s lost a bit of its weathered look.
  • The First Church of Christ, downtown across from the Grist Mill, was featured as the backdrop to the 1967 Elvis Presley record How Great Thou Art.

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